Privacy Policy

  1. We use technologies like cookies and process personal data like IP-addresses or browser information in order to enhance our user's experience and to measure results or align our website content. By using our services you permit us to use these technologies.
  2. We may access and store some or all of the following information:
    • IP-addresses.
    • e-mail addresses.
    • Discord Usernames & discriminators.

Refund Policy

  1. Purchases are non-refundable unless mentioned otherwise.
  2. Should an error be made in the amount of any purchase, Users have 7 days in which to notify us of the error.
    • We are under no obligation to give a refund once the payment is made, but will ensure that any genuine errors (such as the amount purchased) are rectified.
    • In-case of a genuine error, we'll only refund the amont to same payment method that was used.
  3. The retraction of money after payment will result in a permanent restriction from our services, provided that the person has received their order
  4. Getting restricted from our services due to terms of use or policy violations is not a valid reason for requesting a refund, and nor does it entitle you to any form of compensation as you have agreed on all of our terms beforehand.